Prime Development

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Commercial real estate is one of the best investments. Especially because you are taking over an attractive lease. A truly stable and profitable investment. And that’s exactly what Prime Development has to offer.

Real estate at an AAA location

The first part of your investment is the purchase of your real estate. With a retail property at a prime location, you can be sure that the value of your investment will increase.

Attractive lease

The second part of your investment in retail property is the lease with the retailer that you take over. Because that is the value-determining factor. We build retail properties for national and international retailers. Our portfolio includes a range of well-known chains that are fully committed to growth on the Belgian market.

These retailers opt for a sustainable and long-term agreement with their lessor. In short: in addition to a top location in your long-term portfolio, you also have a reliable lessee and rental income. This makes our buildings high-quality investments.

Good conditions

As lessor, you are usually only responsiblefor maintenance of or work on the roofand façadesof your building. Your lessees are therefore responsible for all internal adjustments and other maintenance. They also pay the property tax. This makes investing in commercial real estate even more interesting, of course.

Modular retail properties

The exterior structure of our buildings is modular. This means that the building can be quickly and easily adapted to the changing needs of the lessee.

Guidance Investment portfolio

Investing in sustainable investments is a specialist subject. A subject that our specialists have completely mastered. We therefore do not limit ourselves to the sale of our real estate projects. We also personally guide you in the management of your assets by:

  • offering personal and targeted advice
  • handling investment files from A to Z
  • proactively searching for interesting investments

The purchase of commercial real estate is often related to the acquisition of shares in the real estate company. And our team has a lot of experience in this area. We also examine these transactions in detail together with you. So that you can enjoy your investment without any worries.

Thorough expertise

Our team is made up of experts. Specialized in their field. We also work together with external experts. This network of specialists assists you in the development of your project and the management of your assets.
Would you like to invest your money in a sustainable and reliable investment?
You will receive the necessary details for each project, including the return, the rent, the type of lease, the parties involved… Together with you, we look at which investment suits your needs.

Do you have building plots or properties for sale?

Then we will calculate the possible yield for you. And we look at the possible takeover of the shares of the real estate company. The sale of your property company is also in good hands with our specialists.