Prime Development

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Are you looking for a retail property in a specific region? Or do you want to conquer the Belgian market with your retail chain? Prime Development finds suitable location(s) for you and builds stores tailored to your needs.

Location is key

The success of a store stands or falls with the right location: siting, accessibility, visibility and parking. Prime Development knows exactly where to find these interesting AAA locations. And is happy to propose them to you.

Send us your white spot list and we will look for the right location for your new store. And check off the white spots on your list one by one.

From permit …

You have found the right location for your next store. Then it is time for the next step: application for the permits and the start of construction work or renovations.

Our specialists take care of everything.. You can count on:

  • our extensive experience with permits and spatial planning
  • our extensive knowledge in the area of tax law
  • our extensive network of architects, lawyers and construction companies

… to delivery

Your retail property must be recognisable and visible to your customers. That is why we build or renovate your store fully in accordance with your needs and requirements. With a focus on sustainability. In addition, we use a modular structure. So you can easily adjust your store where necessary.

We also have a range of projects in progress at various construction and finishing stages. So you have various options for your new location or store. We will be happy to propose these projects to you.

Follow-up before, during and after

From location, construction or renovation to delivery. But our collaboration goes even further. Do we discover an amazing location for one of your new stores during our prospecting? Then we will inform you immediately. This proactive approach allows you to focus on what really matters to you: the successful expansion of your retail chain.

In this way we create a relationship of trust from which a fruitful collaboration arises. And we can perfectly estimate what your wishes and needs are. You can count on our team of internal and external experts for this. Each of them is an expert in his or her field.

Would you like to invest your money in a sustainable and reliable investment?
You will receive the necessary details for each project, including the return, the lease amount, the type of lease contract, the parties involved… Together with you, we look at which investment suits your needs.