Prime Development

Who is Prime? Who is Prime? Who is Prime? Who is Prime?

Prime Development: how it started

Bart Joosten and Julio Verbruggen founded Prime Retail in 2017. The focus is on the rental of properties to national and international chains and the sale of investment properties in retail.

Need for expertise

Bart and Julio soon noticed that their customers needed more expertise. Where could they find strategically well-located building plots? How could they start a successful commercial real estate project? And how could they reach the right retailers and end investors? Bart and Julio decided to offer answers to these questions.


Worry-free property investments

From the investor side, there is an increasing demand for high-quality new construction projects. And preferably at AAA locations.

With a backpack full of expertise, the duo decided to develop sustainable real estate themselves. This proactive approach turned out to be the right move. Because more and more investors are interested in new construction projects with reliable tenants in prime locations. Prime Development offers them these worry-free property investments.

Complete approach to property projects

Where they once started as consultants, Bart and Julio are now the confidants of landowners, retailers and investors. Thanks to their many years of expertise and experience, Prime Development now takes on the full development of property projects:

  • looking for plots at AAA locations
  • negotiating with retailers about letting
  • guiding the development process in collaboration with the architect
  • focusing on legal and tax guidance
  • realizing permit applications and arranging permits
  • starting demolition work, if appropriate
  • building and renovating projects
  • delivering to the operator, lessee or retailer
  • selling to the end investor

Who are Julio and Bart?

Bart Joosten comes from the financial world. He worked there selling investment property for an international commercial property broker. And got to know the market inside and out. At Prime Development, he acts as contact person for the investors. He also guides them in the development of their property portfolio and assets. He is also responsible for purchasing the land at AAA sites.

Julio Verbruggen started as a marketer but soon entered the property sector. As an estate agent, his focus is on the letting of retail properties. Knowledge that he now uses to ensure that letting to retailers proceeds smoothly. He also follows up on permit processes until they are complete.